Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lost Boys Baby Shower

The last two baby showers I have done the Moms-to-be wanted a "baby theme free" shower. The standard baby blue and light pink may be classic, but these ladies wanted a more unique celebration. My sister is a true book lover and appreciator of the classics. One of the most iconic children's books is non other than Peter Pan! I wanted to create the feel of the Lost Boys home. I used a lot of branches from by back yard (don't you love free) with added glitter moss, moss wrapped boxes and flower vases create the forest feel. Along with many accents that are found in the book that give the whimsical and childlike look and feel, without looking like a Disney party (don’t get me wrong I !Love! Disney, but not generally in party form).

Lost Boys hammocks were a great touch for the court yard.  It was too hot for entertaining outside, so being able to still use it with these seen through the windows of the dinning room and the living room on the other side was a great way to take advantage of the space.


I made the letters with sticks, some wire, and spray paint!


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