Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Old House

As is life, my plans and life as it "should have been" have long passed. But the life I have actually come to lead is pretty great. The past year I felt as if my life was at a standstill. Trying to find a house for almost a year, finding 12 I liked and 3 I loved…..all getting multiple offers the day I was ready to put mine in. All of my friends except for one are married (or might as well be married) and/or have kids. When the opportunity to move 16 hours away, but close to my sisters came up how could I really say no? I looked at almost 70 houses in three days…the house of my dreams was #20…..God let me have it, and here I am! The perfect house built in 1950 with the charm to match and many different places to entertain and share beautiful food. The charm does outweigh the problems of a house built 62 years ago, and it will take time to create the vision I have for it, I have no doubt this is where I am meant to be.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that I'm your only non married without kids friend :) haha I'm awesome!

    Ps-its breath taking its like Audrey hepburn met john Wayne & this is what they made. So excited to see it in person!